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Saturday, June 21, 2008

And She's Hott Too....

Alright, here it is, the first annual hottest sportscaster awards from White Hat Sports. Heres the catch; the girl must actually know her sports. She can't just be extremely hott and know nothing. Therefore, girls like Jillian Barberie do not count. I only will choose girls that would still have their jobs if they were extremely ugly bald men, because they also have knowledge of sports and/or reporting skills. I'll start with number 5 and work my way towards number 1.

#5.Stacey Dales, ESPN: This girl goes on the list because not only does she know sports, she played sports. Formerly Stacey Dales-Schuman, the now divorced Dales was a very talented WNBA player (not that anyone would know that, who watches the WNBA). Now she does some sideline reporting for college football, and is also a college basketball analyst for ESPN. She goes on this list because, at six feet tall, she must have some really long legs, and you know she's in shape because she was a former athlete. She also seems to know her stuff, so that means she certainly qualifies for this list. She very slightly beat out Summer Sanders for the #5 slot, and really only beat her because I haven't seen Summer do anything for a long time now.

#4. Melissa Stark, (formerly) ESPN: The now NBC sideline reporter is definitely up there on my list. She used to do sideline reporting for Monday Night Football, and, at last check, was doing reporting for NBC for skating. I do believe we will be seeing her during the Olympics coverage on NBC, so that is at least one reason to watch the Olympics this years. Well, that and the fact that there won't be any other sports on for the most part.

There's number 5 and number 4 in my opinion. I already have a top 3 lined up, but I'm sure there are girls I am missing. Please send me e-mails, leave comments, do whatever you need to do to let me know of the girls you think are the hottest knowledgeable sportscasters. Something like this is always up for debate, and you guys can absolutely change the list.

~Aaron Jackson

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