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Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Welcome Shawn Chacon to the Urbina Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for leaving your children of all ages at home. This is a special night, tonight we induct Shawn Chacon into the Ugueth Urtain Urbina Gold Club of Pitchers Who Are Nuts, But Who's Story We Giggle at Everytime We Read It. Shawn had a mediocre going, playing for the Rockies, Yankees and Pirates before it all got to him and he took is his career down a path that few have traveled in Baseball, but I traveled it in the NBA. I have to say it is a tough road, I did it to a coach, he did it to the General Manager. This guy has vision, he has taken it to another level of idiocy. His account of the story is what has blown the nation away and made him a mandatory selection for the UUUGCOPWANBWSWGAEWRI:

Speaking about his confrontation with GM Ed Wade, Chacon said, "He started yelling and cussing. I'm sitting there, and I said to him very calmly, 'Ed, you need to stop yelling at me. Then I stood up and said, 'You better stop yelling at me.' I stood up. He continued and was basically yelling and stuff and was like, 'You need to (expletive) look in the mirror.' So at that point I lost my cool, and I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him." (Jun 26)

Now Shawn couldn't be with us tonight, so I, Latrell Spreewell will accept this award on his behalf.

Writer's notes:

This story was just too good not to write about. The fact that Chacon says that he stays calm the entire time and then suddenly out of no where he decided he had to choke the General Manager. The dumbest part about this and what separates this from Latrell Spreewell, is that it was the GM, the guy who determines not so much if he plays, but if he has a job. You choke your coach, he benches you, he asks for you to be traded. Spreewell, had a career after he blew up in Golden State. Shawn Chacon is done, no GM will take a chance with him now, not after this.

One thought to leave you with, what the hell WAS Cecil Cooper doing while this was going on?

Sterling Pingree

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