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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Sportsmen's Renaissance

I know, I know and I know. 

This has been my answer to my editor for not posting anything on the website for the last couple of days (okay so maybe it has been more like a couple weeks). In the meantime I have been watching a lot of sports, A LOT of sports. During this classic, nostalgic NBA Finals, I have been watching classic games from the 60's and 80's when the rivalry was really hot. Like no time since the early 90's (when Michael was destroying Craig Ehlo and Mark Price and I was loving every second of it over and over again on VHS). This has been the renaissance of the NBA for me in a sense, it is like an old friend with the faces and the voices hearing them all over again. Though I never completely divorced the Association, like a lot of other I got driven way by what I can only think to call the "Iverson Era". (I do take jabs at A.I a lot, mostly to get Jackson's goat, but here it's just a name. As far as you know. This season has brought me back to watching more than just the Boston Celtics, I can watch almost any team playing nationally on any night, except for San Antonio, and this needs no explanation. The combination of the Celtics in the Finals and the re-airing of classic games on NBA TV and ESPN Classic have made this week nostalgic to say the least. 
The other thing that has brought this all together is being back in my home town with my best friend growing up, my buddy Zach. He's home for the time being as well, and with little else to do but watch sports. We have been getting together to watch games again just like we did all the time when we were kids. Growing up he was the biggest Celtics fan that I knew. He has the posters of Bird on his wall, I mean his room was painted green for crying out loud. Last month he and I were out at a bar watching game 3 of the Hawks series and someone called him a bandwagon Celtics fan, we both laughed pretty hard, until he realized that he should be offended. At which point, I had to restrain Zach from McHale-ing this guy's Rambis. (Like that My Boy's commercial they show every five seconds on TBS, I like to make names into verbs. I can't wait to Swen Nater somebody soon). We kept in tough in college, separated by only eight miles we probably didn't do as good of a job as we could, but now we are in the midst of the Renaissance of our glory days. It's all coming together.

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