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Thursday, May 8, 2008

White Hat Sports

As we mentioned in the first post, this blog started as a class assignment. The semester is now closing out, and most of us will be going on to either our next school year or the "real world". However, I plan on keeping the blog running. It may not be updated as much as other blogs, as I am working as a full time reporter now (you can watch my work on ABC-7 out of Bangor and Bangor's Fox affiliate), but I will strive to continue to provide quality material to the 5 people actually reading this blog. As far as I know, I will be the only one running it, although Sterling has expressed some interest in sticking with it. What I need from anyone that regularly reads this is ideas. The name of the blog is pretty obscure, and I've considered changing it, but don't really have any ideas as to what to change it to. I'm thinking something more interesting would be helpful in getting more people to view the site. Any other ideas would be great as well, just leave them in the comments. I really want to promote this and get more people reading it, so any suggestions you have for improvements to the blog are very helpful. I've noticed that we don't have many people commenting on most of the posts, and really would like to change that. There is no point in writing something if noone is reading it and having a reaction to it. On a personal note, it will also help me become a better writer.

Thanks for your time, and keep reading
~Aaron Jackson

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