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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

His Daddy was a pistol. That makes Justin a Son of a Gun

Justin Masterson. The kid has got it.
He has the motion of Dennis Eckersley, the 91mph power sinker, and the height (6'6 feet tall).
This kid looks like someone we will see throwing at Fenway Park for years to come and perhaps lining up to see at some point. Two years from now the Red Sox rotation could look like this, (if you're a Red Sox fan, read this and try not to get so giddy you can't eat supper tonight):
(Let's just take a break right here and smoke a cigar and laugh a deep hearty laugh).

All in their 20's and all have shown differing levels of accomplishment in the Majors. This group houses 5 world series rings, 2 no-hitters, an World Series and ALCS MVP awards and the only MVP ever in the World Baseball Classic, even though Masterson has only made two starts in the Major Leagues and has won only one, (should have won two, Javier Lopez ERRRGGGG).
Not to say that I don't believe that Tim Wakefield won't be around in two years, this is just thinking what could happen, because we know that Schilling is done after this year.

This raises one question; What about Bartolo?
The answer to that we will find out tonight. We might have a problem if he munches the Royals like a hoagie.

Sterling Pingree

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