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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get the hell out of Dodge

The Red Sox have left Seattle, and hopefully they have left Seattle behind. A lot the same way that Billy Crystal was told to "Forget Paris" in his often overlooked movie, Forget Paris.

The road trip isn't over, but I take solice knowing that the team is atleast on the right coast now. As we wait for the results of Daisuke's MRI and report of where to go next with him, I guess things could be worse right now.

The last 6 games the Sox have dropped 5 of them, but the thing about it is this. They did it with only getting 4 innings in a start from Daisuke, Youkilis only played the first three games, Wakefield lost two starts one of them 1-0 (last night to Erik Bedard) so that means the red hot Jason Varitek didn't start two of the 6 games. The opposing pitchers they faced really couldn't have been touger either for the past 6 games. They got beat by Harden, Duchscherer and Blanton in Oakland, then miraculously beat King Felix in Seattle, before dropping a game to Miguel Batista and then got dominated by Erik Bedard who seems to be turning the corner. They faced the best of both teams, now granted for this team to take it to the next level again and get it done in October they are definately going to have to beat these pitchers because that's the quality of opponent you face in the post season. The good news is though, it's still May and the last time I checked the playoffs don't start for sometime.

These games coming up in Baltimore could go one of two ways, they can bounce back and take 2 of 3 and head into this (never thought i'd say this) big series with the Tampa Bay Rays.

-Justin Masterson's start this weekend has been moved up to this thursday, perhaps so he would be able to replace Daisuke if he misses his next start against Tampa Bay. It would either be that or have Clay Buchholz take it, but it seems more likely they will give Buchholz more time before bringing him back, while giving Masterson another start in the Majors.

-This team is definately the class of the American league, but their bullpen is still what is holding them back. If they can start getting consistent innings from Manny Delcarmen and Craig Hansen then they could solidify the back end a little bit more because it looks like Okajima is just fine, (not sure if I would have said that two weeks ago when he looked a little fatigued already). I still think the answer is trading Coco Crisp. A lot of people are now on the keep Coco bandwagon, I for one really aren't on board at all. They say there is nothing the Red Sox really need and that they are a better team with him on it. But to me, the bullpen hasn't been that great so far this season, they are near the bottom in terms of bullpen ERA, they could use another arm out there. I don't think they could find one right now from a team that is out of the play off hunt, because teams like the Royals who seem to be making a quick exit from contention have Joakim Soria locked up for the foreseeable future. So this could take some time, give Coco some time, and then move him for a proven arm in the bullpen, perhaps a veteran, NOT NAMED ERIC GAGNE!

Now we get to say hello to our old friend Kevin Millar, can we please just bring him back already? I mean he came back and threw out the first ball, yet we can't bring him back once we trade Coco Crisp?

In the mean time, tonight's a rare night off from Sox, Celts and American Idol.

So do I watch the Spurs tonight or pain dry?

Wait, it's the same thing, though paint runs more and brushes flop less than the Spurs.

Thanks I'll be here all week.

Sterling Pingree

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