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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kendrick Perkins needs handle bar Mustache to become the baddest man on the planet.

Picture it.

The monstrous man above, with a sweet handle bar mustache like say, Luis Tiant.

How tough would he looks, especially with he production that he has last night in the make or beak game 5 against the Detroit Pistons. He was all over the floor grabbing boards, scoring on fade aways (something that made me very nervous the first two times he tried it, because let's face it, he doesn't have the softest touch in the game). He played a terrific ball game, and really he has to for the Celtics to win this series and take a shot at winning the NBA Finals.

My buddy Zach and I were talking last night while watching the game and really figured out that the team that has the best bigs that night win the game. Game one, Perkins had a good night, KG was KG and PJ Brown continued his resurgence. (This caused me to go into my archiveand find his rookie card). Game three, Perkins and Garnett were great again, in game 4 it was all about Jason Maxiell and Antonio Mcdyess had huge nights. Last night we've covered so there you have it, the bigs win it and you have to have the contribution by more than one of them to get the ultimate result.

The things that has been irking me lately is that whoever wins the last game of the series is looked at to have all of the momentum. Before game 4 in Detroit all of the analyst's on Comcast said that they imagined the Celtics would continue to play well and would definitely win game 4 and then end the series early. My sentiments were exactly opposite, thinking that the Pistons with their backs against the proverbial wall, they are going to win that game. Then with the Celtics returning home they had a great shot to take care of business in game 5. Now the obvious pick to take game 6 is the Pistons, and that's probably how I would bet as of right now. (Right now the Pistons are giving 5.5 at home, not too bad).

The only thing that is keeping me from thinking that the Pistons are without a doubt taking this game is the fact that Rip Hamilton is going to be a game time decision. Chauncey Billups hasn't been attacking the basket, which is the only thing I think that his strained hammy has hurt about his game. I don't think he's that sore, I think that he's afraid to go hard on it. Hamilton might be out for game 6, and Rasheed Wallace picked up his 6Th technical of the postseason last night, one more and he is suspended for a game. So there is the possibility that even if Detroit wins game 6, that there could be a game 7 in Boston, and Detroit could be without, Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton and (knocking a hole in the desk right now) the Celtics would be healthy.

Just think a year ago, Celtic fans were salivating over ping pong balls and drinking away their misery over the loss of the big prize and right now they're one win away from going to the NBA Finals.

Life is funny sometimes, what isn't funny is the way this team handles the ball late in games. They get lax and can't put a team away properly.

If this team has an Achilles heal, I think this is it. Just something to keep on eye on.

Sterling Pingree

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