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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Semi-Colon; The Whole Bartolo

As an expert wrote yesterday:

" Not only does the match up not work out, it's Bartolo Colon v. Felix Hernandez, the King has dominated the Red Sox in his young and very promising career, where Bartolo has only beaten the Kansas City Royals this season."

Okay, so maybe that was me, and maybe that was yesterday, right before Bartolo Colon set the clock back to 2005. Against KC Colon was getting outs and a lot of ground ball outs to be specific mostly because his velocity was hovering right around 92-93. Which isn't bad, but the question became, could Colon win without the velocity that he was accustomed to having through out his career? Last night he proved that question irrelevant, because he did have the velocity that he did in Cleveland , Chicago and (gulp) Montreal. His fastball was consistently 95-96mph and his breaking ball was getting hitters off balance. Simply put this was a retro performance that now brings up the question; What happens now with the rotation?


1. Colon took Clay Buchholz' spot in the rotation with him hurt with a torn finger nail (which is what the injury was titled after everybody laughed when they said he was on the DL with a broken nail. Apparently, torn makes it tougher.) The easy, simple solution is leave Buchholz in the Minor's while Colon rides out the hot streak.

This is a risky solution because what might a trip to the Minor's do to the kid's psyche'? He has been with the big club all season long and seemed to have his own spot sown up with a few good starts at the end of April and beginning of May. I have been impressed with his stuff this year, the times he got himself into trouble was when he would fall off the home dugout side of the mound. Almost like he was trying to throw the ball through the catcher. Once he realizes that his stuff is good enough (namely his curve ball) he will be a top of the rotation starter.

And Francona has already turned down the notion of putting Buchholz in the bullpen as the long reliever. So that's not an option.

2. Bring Buchholz back to the rotation and send Wakefield to the bullpen as the long reliever leaving Colon in the rotation but in Wakefield's spot.

This one could actually work, though Wakefield can be very hit or miss his first couple of innings, so it's pretty much like spinning a wheel of destiny (I miss the man show) and seeing if your relief pitcher walks the bases loaded or gets three straight infield pop ups to end the inning. I think it's a risky move, but from a personnel stand point I think it could create the least amount of turbulence in the clubhouse. Wakefield is a team guy, look at his resume:

Been with the team since 1995.

Went from the rotation to the bullpen where he stayed from 1999 to 2002, even surviving a stint as the closer racking up 15 saves in 1999 and 3 saves in 2001 and 2002.

Came back to the rotation during the closer by committee era in 2003 and went 11-7 with a 4.09.

2007 World Series Wakefield is suffering from shoulder soreness and could have pitched, but wouldn't have been 100%, so he decides to help the team and gives up his spot so the team can have another long reliever. (Where o where have you gone Kyle Snyder. Aw yes, Pawtucket.)

History shows us, Wake has done anything he can to help the team, this could be a move that I could get behind.

This saves the team for now, but what happens when the Big Schill hits Fenway again in the late summer.

Tonight, Daisuke goes for 9-0 against Miguel Batista. Are the bats coming back around? Will Daisuke limit his walks against the free swinging Mariners?

This game could definitely be a test for Daisuke, can he out duel a team that is very aggressive at the plate. Perhaps this will be the outing where Matsuzaka's pitch count dictates that he can stay in the game later than he has been as of late. Let's keep the fingers crossed for that and that there isn't a Javier Lopez encounter tonight.

Go Acolytes of Hope either get outs, or get Lopez.

How sweet was Tek's camo gear last night?

Sterling Pingree

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