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Monday, May 26, 2008

Warning: This is THAT West Coast Swing

Every season there is a west coast swing for the Sox where, there isn't a chance for them to win any game, and staying up to watch each game is absolutely painful. They could have taken the final game against Oakland, but they were out of Friday night's game by the time I tuned in, and Saturday was just an exceptionally well pitched game by Justin Duchscherer. Sunday I was in my glory during the 7th and 2/3's of the bottom of the 8Th inning, because one half the the Acolytes of Hope (Craig Hansen) had throw very well and had good downward movement with his slider and curve ball. (Slamming my hand against the wall in honor of Javier "Walking left handers, specialist" Lopez). So what does the rest of the road trip have in store?

It ain't great.

Seattle is always the house of horrors for this team, look back at the low point of last summer when the Red Sox dropped a series in Seattle even getting beat by no name starting pitchers. What will the Sox do this time around? Well starting out tonight, we don't have the match up to win this game, so that's working against us. Not only does the match up not work out, it's Bartolo Colon v. Felix Hernandez, the King has dominated the Red Sox in his young and very promising career, where Bartolo has only beaten the Kansas City Royals this season.
Game 2 looks decent for the boys, Daisuke against Miguel Batisita. Could be good because the Mariners are a free swinging team, and Daisuke has been walking a lot of guys lately, unless there are some flukish home runs off Daisuke, the Red Sox SHOULD win this game.
The Finale matches Tim Wakefield against Erik Bedard. Bedard is a Red Sox killer, and Wakefield is not in his rhythm right now and is starting to get cuffed around pretty good in his last few starts even leading to some to believe that he should be sent back into the bullpen when Clay Buchholz is healthy. I'm hoping he turns the clock back and gives us one more day of summer.
(Gotta love Vin Scully when he's playing Vin Scully).

I've got the Celtics and Red Sox on in HD tonight, with a couple good friends coming over for it. Tonight has all the makings if a couple things go right and I am wrong about everything that you have read in this column. And if history has taught us anything..........

Sterling Pingree

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