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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've been called out!!!

On this very site, I feel that I have been called out by my compatriot on this website, Mr. Jackson, about whether or not I will continue to contribute to this website. It was the way he said that he was going to continue the site and contribute the best he could, (it really sounded as if he was running for political office instead of alerting our readers that the site will continue past the end of our final semester). The better way of saying what has happened to the site is this, we've trimmed the fat. We realized that after the semester that if this site (it's a site, not a fan of the word blog) that we didn't need 5 contributors when Jackson and I were clearly the best (and not necessarily in that order).
In short, I will be contributing to the site. Comically, in depth, I mean come on it's Baseball season. This is my time right now. I mean who else noticed tonight that David Aardsma was flirting with throwing 100mph against the Brewers? (Tangent starts.......NOW).

Jackson is at Fenway for this entire weekend series with the Brewers, which to me is a nice little series historically. It marks the first time the Brewers have played at Fenway Park since they left the American League, but also look at it from a purist's perspective. Today's game started at 4pm, that is a great time to watch a ball game, (I feel between 4 and 5 is the best time to do anything, especially play golf), so you have a good match up on the field with two teams with extremely passionate fan bases, which can never be overlooked. My roommate this year asked me to find him a good game to take his dad to for his first game since he was a cub scout. I knew he wanted it sometime in May, the second I saw this game, I told him that was the game to go to. It was from the first pitch (thrown out by former WWE Champion John Cena) to the final out (caught by Alex Cora in short left center).

The question that I would like to ask Jackson is what was up with the Fenway Park radar gun? As much as I wanted to watch this afternoon's game, I had to settle for watching only the nightcap of the double header because of a previous engagement (graduation BBQ's are a great thing). From watching the second game though, the radar gun was going crazy once Tim Wakefield left the game in the 6th inning. Aardsma came into the game and was throwing 96. Which is about the high end of what he throws for with his fastball. His next fastball was 97, followed by 97 again and then he hit 98mph. At this point my Dad and I are looking at the gun readings after every pitch to see how high he was going to do. Finally he got a foul tip that clocked at 99mph! Seriously, how do you come up with a guy who has been discarded by 3 teams who throws 99mph for nothing and has had no major shoulder or elbow surgeries? This doesn't just happen, which might lead me to believe that the gun readings were a farce. What followed is what further confused me.
The next pitcher into the game for Boston was Craig Hansen. I've been an admirer of Hansen's since Boston took him at the end of the first round in 2005 out of St. John's. He has always had smoke, legitimately getting it up there at 98-99 mph even with his struggles in the major's his gas has never wavered. So at this point, I've got to think that Aardsma was actually throwing 98-99 on the NESN gun. So far this is the only game of the series that I have seen and it's the only NESN game, I'm very much looking forward to watching tomorrow's game to see what Josh Beckett is reading, because he might be throwing 104mph.
To further gum up the works is that Mike Timlin's 1-2-3 9th inning, the radar gun had him reading at 94mph. If this is true, it might be the best thing to happen to the Red Sox since Jonathan Papelbon. If you will remember it was 2005 when Mike Timlin made 81 appearances, the most of his career. He was 39 when he did that and since then his fast ball has been hovering more around 91-92mph. It was in that 2005 season where he had the 81 appearances and only registered a 2.24 ERA, that he has had a fastball that clocked in the 94-95 range.

I was called out a few posts ago by Aaron Jackson, now here I am calling him out to know where the radar gun readings were at the ballpark. Three different TV stations are covering the three different games. I would be charting this kind of thing, but that's just me.

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