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Monday, March 2, 2009

Umm, Scott, a moment of your time?

"Umm, Scott, a moment of your time?"


"What the hell are you doing? Manny is still a free agent, and you're still negotiating with the Dodgers like you're a used car salesman trying to sell them a 1994 Toyota Camry that's had a lot of engine trouble and could explode at any second. Here's the kicker, THEY WANT THE FREAKING CAR! Hell, they think they NEED this car. I guarantee you that the Dodgers are not focusing on anything else right now. They're not thinking about their thin pitching staff after it was ravaged by free agency, they're not thinking about having their first spring training outside of "Dodger Town" or that they allowed Saito to walk and have their entire bullpen resting on the broad shoulders of Jonathan Broxton. Ned Colletti is getting splinters in his posterior from pining away for Manny and he truly believes that he was the absolutely only reason that they made it to the NLCS last season. Take a lesson from the Milwaukee Brewers, they know that CC Sabathia was a huge reason that they made it to the playoffs last year, but they also realize that guys like Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder were just as important. How many home runs did Ryan Braun hit that won games last season down the stretch? 3? 30? The latter is actually closer to the actual number, the HeBrewer put that team on his back. Scott, you're really lucky that the Dodgers aren't realizing that they could make a run at getting back to the playoffs built around pitching. I know that you got Derek Lowe 4/$60mill in your sleep, and you are taking your time with the them? Do you really think that suddenly the Dodgers are going to realize that they are playing Spring Training games right now and suddenly are going to give him more money or more years? What do you think you are going to get out of them? 2/$50mill? 3/$75 mill?
You don't have the Giants or any other NL West teams bidding against them, so they're bidding against themselves and right now they're not raising their offer. It's over Scott, just end it already."

"You've been talking to who in Tampa?"

"Oh no, I didn't think they had any money left? Even in this economy?"

"Have mercy on your soul."

Sterling Pingree

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