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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things are bad......

Tourney is underway and of course I'm decked out in my oversized Duke hoodie and Jordan shorts. That's the good news, the bad news is that I only have one game right so far and even that game I wish I had gotten wrong (Memphis). My buddy Tom is busting my chops, even though I've beaten him consistently in bracket pools throughout our college career. Each year we make a bet and the loser has to buy Chinese food for the winner. Nothing tastes better than free Chinese food that you earned because of your bracket supremacy, I have it once a year.
Things are starting bad, but I can backup the two bad picks that I made.
1. I took BYU over Texas A&M, yes it was a dumb pick, but when picking my bracket I always look for trends and things that I could see happening that could be a storyline in the tournament. I really like Utah State to pull off the upset and Arizona screws me over every year whether I pick them or not, so I chose "or not" this year. So I was going with a whole "Stormin' Mormon" thing and I guess it's just not working out. Though I still love Utah State.
2. I am in Pat Neshek's bracket pool this year. Thinking that it might be good karma to pick his Alma mater in the first round, I took the Butler Bulldogs. Plus I really liked their inside game and as it turns out, that was the bright spot of their game today. They came as advertised and LSU came together, they were a team that was trending downward at the end of the season, things just didn't match up.
I had a bad feeling going into this year's tournament, I've had a couple spectacular years in a row, picking the national championship right each of the last three years. This could be the year I get brought back down to earth.
More updates throughout the day, I might be going out tonight though, and my Dukies play Binghamton at 9:40pm tonight. I might have to blow off some friends to watch the Duke score at the top of the screen. For the only time this year, its the one time I hope the Duke game isn't on tv, because if it is, that means that it's close. I don't want close, I want blow out and 30 from Gerald Henderson Jr,

Updates coming.

Sterling Pingree

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