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Sunday, August 3, 2008

White Hat Sports Fantasy Competition

Alright, so I haven't posted anything new for a few days. I know. I have been dealing with Manny leaving, so when I'm not working I'm wondering where it all went wrong. Manny was like a family member to most Red Sox fans that truly love the game, and for us to lose him really hurts. I'll admit that much. I was beginning to believe we may finally have another number retired behind Pesky Pole, but given the Sox overly tough guidelines I doubt the number 24 gets there now.

Anyway, no need to rehash all this. For those of you who loved Manny, you don't want to feel any worse about it, and for those of you who wanted to get rid of Manny, you got your way. Either way, you don't need more Manny coverage. It happened, it's over, time to move on whether we want to or not.

The good news? It's beginning to get colder outside, and that means it's time for football. And with football comes, for most of us, fantasy football. With the Hall Of Fame game being played tonight, I figured it would be the best moment to unveil our first White Hat Sports Competition. To kind of steal a line from Seinfeld, it's fantasy football on Fleaflicker.com, and it is fabulous. It's a keeper league, with different rosters than most leagues will have. Twelve teams total, with three divisions; Vick's Fighting Dogs, Pacman's Rain and Brett Favre's Retirement Home.

Heres how you enter...

Either email us (whitehatsports@gmail.com) or put in the comments on this post why you feel you should be a member of this league. We have two positions open, so make sure you act fast on this. The two winners will be notified on August 17th, and will be given the information needed to access the league.

Good luck.

~Aaron Jackson

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Anonymous said...

Please sign me up Mr. Aaron Jackson, I would love to be part of your White Hat Sports Fantasy Competition...my email dfsox12@yahoo.com