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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Breaking It Down: NFC East Part Deux

2. Washington Redskins-Projected Record 9-7, tied for second in the NFC East.

Quarterback: Jason Campbell continues to show flashes of what he could be, but those flashes are surrounded by mediocrity. Meanwhile, Colt Brennan has shown nothing but brilliance as far as I can see. I'm not saying...I'm just saying. Regardless, Campbell will continue to be the starter for the time being, despite what I think, and I can see them doing well. I don't know if they or the Giants make the playoffs though, I think (call me crazy) the wild card will come from the NFC South, but they will be right there when it's all said and done. While starting Brennan may make them worse short term, I do think it would make them better long term.

Running Back: Clinton Portis still is a consistent running back, and Ladell Betts will continue to be a viable back up. They aren't going to wow you most games, but they will provide the most consistent part of the offense.

Wide Receiver: Santana Moss is good, but exactly how good? It seems like he either has a great game or a terrible game, and lately it's been more terrible games than good ones. After that they have a bunch of talent, but none of them seem to be capable of putting it together well enough to actually contribute.

Tight End: Chris Cooley is a very good tight end, and if they actually use him like they should he will provide a valuable piece to their offense. Unfortunately he gets under-used in their offensive sets. He is definitely one of the many very good young tight ends though.

Offensive Line Etc...: Their offensive line is, as are most, fairly average. They have some areas where they excel and some areas where they fail. Their special teams I consider to be full of potential, but often times that potential seems to go unused. Their defense is what I consider their biggest strength, but losing Jason Taylor could certainly change that.

3. Philadelphia Eagles-Projected record 7-9, last in NFC East.

Quarterback: I still think McNabb is a good QB. but he has slowly fallen out of the elite level. He has games where he is great, but he also has games where he throws the ball too hard, and it seems like he doesn't have any faith in most of his wide receivers.

Running Back: Brian Westbrook is, and will continue to be, an elite playmaker in the NFL. He is what Reggie Bush should strive to be. That said, it seems only a matter of time till he gets injured. Until that happens he is their biggest strength.

Wide Receivers: They don't have much at this position anymore. Reggie Brown is decent, and Kevin Curtis is what I like to call "white Jesus" on Madden, but in real life he is way to streaky. DeSean Jackson will be the key to this team. If he can come in and perform well they will be in contention, but it's tough to expect that from a rookie receiver.

Tight End: L.J. Smith is one of those guys that has tons of potential but has problems staying healthy. He seemed to break through two years ago, but this past season put him a few steps back. If he can come back strong he will be their best option in the passing game.

Offensive Line Etc...: They have a good offensive line, but again, nothing great. Their defense is good, but not as good as it used to be, and they seem to be hit with injuries a lot. As far as special teams, they are alright, but not great.

NFC North will come next week.

~Aaron Jackson

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