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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's just not talk about Toronto

The Sox lost two straight games to the Jays and got blown off the field today, even worse it came during Josh Beckett's start. They now go on the road for 9 games all within the division, 3 in Baltimore, 3 in Toronto and then 3 more in New York next week. This is going to be a very telling stretch for this team, not make or break, but it will determine whether or not this is going to be easy or not in terms of winning the division. They should beat Baltimore, but Baltimore is the best hitting team in the AL since the all star break and some weird things have been happening to the Sox during each trip to Camden Yards. Right now, I don't expect the Red Sox to win a single game in Toronto next weekend. Not one. It will mark the third straight start Paul Byrd will be matched up with Doc Halladay and the rest of the weekend might just follow that dubious start.

Did anything good come out of today's game?

On the field no, but watching the game in the war room with my buddy Zach, something good did happen. Jed Lowrie got a nickname!

Since he has come up, he has impressed me enough for me to start to get behind him and not just because he is replacing Julio Lugo. I've never been crazy about the name Jed, there's just something about it that makes me not like the name. It's short, the only thing it has going for it is that it rhymes with shed. (Yes, I view this as a positive. If Lowrie had been involved in the brawl with the Rays, I definitely would have pulled a suedo Will Farrell and yelled "Get off the Jed!")

Hence forth, Jed Lowrie is to be known as the Beverly Hillbilly! You're in awe I can tell. I'll just give you a moment to let it sink it...........................yawn..............................Okay.

So now we have the middle infield for the Jed "The Beverly Hillbilly" Lowrie at shortstop and the "American Dream" Dustin Pedroia at second base. In the words of Zach, "We can just throw those two out there everyday for the next 50 years and forget about it."

I completely agree.

Sterling Pingree

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