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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pat Neshek Interview

Pat Neshek is the set up man for the Minnesota Twins; right now he is coming back from Tommy John surgery. He was a few votes away from making the 2007 American League All-Star team. He has one of the best websites for autograph collectors and for baseball fans in general. He was kind enough to take the time and talk about all things baseball and music.

Sterling Pingree: You are rehabbing down in Fort Myers right now, how is it coming along and is there any chance that we see you back with the club in September?

Pat Neshek: Nope I will not be back this season...I will be back 100% around November sometime. Right now everything is going as planned and I feel great.

SP: This is the final season of the Metrodome. As someone who has never been there, I am fascinated by the building. For someone who’s never been there before, explain what playing inside the Metrodome is like for the home team and what is the perception of it around the league?

PN: The perception is the place is a dump...it is but for me I love the idea that a game will be played on time and at a nice 70 degrees every night. It's also very loud if there are fans cheering us on...I would imagine it's a hard place to play if you are an opposing player.

SP: The Central Division this year is crazy; predictions for the division winner are all across the board. Last year it was decided in a one game playoff this year it looks like it could happen again. Break it down, how do you see the American League Central Division playing out this year?

PN: Well I have to pick us on top...If you count the Twins out of it I would say it will be a game between the White Sox and the Royals this year.

SP: A World Series prediction?

PN: Not being able to pick my own team I'm going with the Cardinals Vs. Blue JaysI just hate people who pick the same teams every year...blah blah blah Red Sox blah blah blah Phillies blah blah blah Yankees...it gets old because nobody ever backs up how awful they have predicted things over the years...Twins last, Twins second to last...we pretty much get 1st or 2nd every year in the Central and people never get the hint.

SP: I’m looking at a shot of David Ortiz right now in a pregame interview and in his locker I see a full log of Kodiak and 6 cans of Old Spice deodorant spray. What might we find at the top of Pat Neshek’s locker?

PN: At the top are my hats, bazooka bubble gum under the hats, old spice deodorant...not spray though...On the right hand side are my gloves.

SP: I have always wondered how relief pitchers picked their entrance songs. Whether it be Keith Foulke coming into Mother by Danzig or Todd Jones coming in to Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. Now I know you're into metal, what have you come into and was it a long process coming up with the right song?

PN: Basically it's whatever a guy wants to come into he can pick. I came out to ruin by Lamb of God in AAA and Chimaira - Implements of Destruction with the Twins. Not sure what I'll come out to next year, I think I'm going back with Ruin by Lamb of God.

SP: If you ever think of changing, I've always said that if I was a reliever I would come into the game with Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica blaring, I'll let you use that one if you want.

PN: Nice pick by the way, I like it when guys are original and pick songs nobody else would.

SP: You have a website www.patneshek.com, I check it out multiple times a day, I have an account on it. It gives fans access to a major leaguer like I have never seen before. How did this site come about and what is your vision for it?

PN: I wanted people to know the real story of a baseball player...not the sensationalism garbage that people read about everyday. In a way I wanted it to be about a regular guy in the big leagues since I knew I wouldn't get any media coverage being a relief pitcher.

SP: You are renowned as the greatest autograph signer in Major League Baseball, it seems like all celebrities and athletes have a philosophy on signing autographs for fans, what is your philosophy when it comes to signing autographs?

PN: To make sure when I die there aren't too many of my cards out there that are unsigned.

SP: You make yourself so accessible to the fans, what is the craziest fan story that you have?

PN: Wow there are tons...I like the TTM (Through the mail) letter I got from the brother of a girl and said it was her birthday and he would make her do anything if I left her tickets. It turns out she was on the Olympic Curling team and beat the brother up when she found out. He sent pics of her and autographs of the curling team...I was pumped.

Thanks a lot for taking the time Pat. The best of luck with your rehabilitation and I hope to see you back on the mound soon!

Sterling Pingree


Anonymous said...

wow dude cool interview. neshek is the bomb. i like his style hes a crazyass dude and Twins sure need his ass back!

Sterling said...

Making history on this site.
We accomplished Jarod's ultimate dream for TWIS but did it on here.