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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mannywood? Manny Did!

Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for taking a banned PED. The first question in anybody's mind is and should be "What did he take?"

The answer may surprise you, he took a women's fertility drug. Now it gets weird because his friends came out before the information that it was a women's fertility drug and said that he was taking something to "enhance" himself in the bedroom. The problem with Manny taking a females fertility drug, besides it being illegal in Major League Baseball, is that when a man takes it, he takes it because it's used as a masking agent to mask steroids use. So to me it's not so much what he took that caused the positive test, it's why he took what caused the positive test because I doubt that Manny is trying to emulate the Octo-Mom (though nothing would surprise me really. Manny was breast fed until he was 4, who knows).

The thing that I find amazing about this is that among all the people who said that they saw this coming (once he left Boston), the only person who came out publicly and said this was once again the Massiah of Steroids, Jose Canseco. He came out in one of his speaking engagements this Spring and said that he believed that Manny had probably taken something to produce the numbers that he has. Jose was right again, people said he was crazy when he named A-Rod as a user, and people thought he was even more nuts when he said that Ramirez had taken something. The problem is that Jose Canseco is killing every stitch of goodwill that has been thrown his way because every time he's done a radio interview recently he's hung up on people who he feels disrespect him in the interview. Between that and getting dominated in MMA fights he's killing a dead reputation that should be getting the Lazarus treatment based on the fact that the wild claims that he has made are being found to be true.

The interesting part to me is that the goodwill and home runs that Manny brought to the Dodgers last fall made him the savior cometh in Dodger Blue. T.J. Simers has written a thousand puff pieces about Manny since he arrived, he's ripped the Boston fans for being cry babies and all the while never saw this coming. Did he investigate into this? Did he break the Manny story? Has he written a piece on it? No, he was too busy writing about the 3rd best player on the Lakers. Two other staff writers broke this story, I'm just throwing it out there that this differentiates this case of Manny Ramirez from the A-Rod steroids scandal, it's that someone like Selena Roberts was hunting down A-Rod and people like Simers are too busy praising Ramirez to dig into the batter box with him.

Where do we go from here, right now all we know is that Manny isn't going to play until July 3rd, and it's because he flunked a test because he took a women's fertility drug that he used as a masking agent. Now it's up Major League Baseball and the media to dig into this further to see what he was masking. That will be the most telling, all we know right now, is it's not good. This just the tip of the iceberg. For everyone who asked if Manny took ped's and said that Manny would.

You're wrong.

Manny did.

Sterling Pingree

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