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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Patriot Day

Tomorrow's the big day, Patriots day is for me almost as special as opening day for me. It's an early start, I will watched the first couple of innings on the treadmill, which is an added bonus because there is nothing on at 11am except Sports Center and usually I catch that the night before. Not only are the Red Sox going for a sweep, but Justin Masterson is making the start for the Red Sox, who has become one of the most likable, nice guys on the team. Not only that, he's very effective and has the ability, because of his sinker and release point, to get out jams and produce ground balls. As an added bonus Masterson (6'6) matches up against Mark Hendrickson (6'9), becomes one of the tallest pitching match ups in recent memory. Off the top of my head the only one bigger in recent memory would be Jon Rauch (6'10) against Randy Johnson (6'10).

This Red Sox team has been the tail of two teams so far this season. They looked like they were going to be a tremendous let down the first week and a half of the season and then they won 4 straight games, which got kicked off by Tim Wakefield's near no-no in Oakland. It was eerily similar to Curt Schilling's near no-hitter in Oakland on June 7, 2007. The Red Sox had lost 4 straight games and really needed a win that day. Schilling gave them all they needed and almost gave them something incredible special. That team went on to win 9 of it's next 13 games. After Wakefield's near Oakland no-hitter the Red Sox have won 3 straight, 4 if you include Wakefield's win itself.
Set your alarm for tomorrow take a nap in the afternoon and then get ready for what has been an incredible entertaining series between the B's and Habs. Might want to foil the fists just in case.
Sterling Pingree

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Anonymous said...

Great blog here, but if I may point something out, since I'm not going to go looking for an NFL post that's recent to post this in. Found this from last year:


The biggest loser in this draft goes to the Atlanta Falcons for drafting Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan. Don't get me wrong Matt Ryan is a good quarterback but the falcons didn't need to make that pick. One school of thought on this is that by picking Ryan the Atlanta faithful think that its saying we are done with Mike Vick.... WRONG! If that was the case then when Ryan was picked people wouldn't have said the words Mike Vick right off the bat... but they did. All Atlanta did was add more fuel to an already raging fire within the organization. Atlanta better hope that Ryan pans out fast because if not... I wouldn't put it past the Falcons to count the days until Vick gets out of prison....

I think we can now safely say that the biggest loser in the draft was whoever wrote that blog post. :D