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Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day items

As I type this, the Sabathia has been ko'd by the O's and Jeremy Guthrie is looking pretty tough for Baltimore right now. While the Orioles try and hold onto this 6-2 lead in the 6th inning, here are some highlights from the first official day of the baseball season.

- If you got Cy Young consideration last year, you probably got TAGGED today. Brandon Webb, Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia all got rocked today. It makes me a little bit nervous about tomorrow and the next day, I have Lincecum and Lester is a few leagues this year. To make things weirder, two contracts that I thought were terrible when they were signed Kevin Millwood and Derek Lowe both pitched lights out. Derek Lowe almost couldn't have looked better than he did last night going 8 innings, two hits against the defending World Series champion Phillies.

- What was the deal with VP Joe Biden? He was saying Hell like Tony Soprano says Fuck. I like the way he did it, you could see a definite progression in his comfort level with it. He started out saying "We had a helluva shortstop here, a big guy", (this is what my buddy Tom does when he can't remember someones name and he's talking about them, this is usually followed up by, "you know who". Then when asked a simple question by Jon Miller, Biden responded "Hell Yeah!" Apparently Joe Biden is just a big Stone Cold Steven Austin fan and was really psyched to see his appearance at WrestleMania last night. For his next game I've heard that he's going to show up to Camden Yards on a four wheeler, no word as to whether or not they will let him bring in his cooler of beer or if he'll have to have it thrown to him by a vendor.

-Quote of the day, not by Joe Biden- "And one more night that feels like Christmas Eve." Sam Adolphsen on the silver lining to the Red Sox opener being canceled today and on it being made up tomorrow.
Probably the most prolific text message I have received that didn't involve alcohol.

Sterling Pingree

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