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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jogging Diary

My original plan was to start this diary with the Sox game at 7, but when you work in news things rarely work as planned, and needless to say I had to stay late for a live shot at a fire. It’s now 8 pm, and I’ll be writing in this periodically while cooking supper. My first two thoughts are this. Where did Dennis Eckersley hear the term “bridge” to describe a home run, and why is the NHL so terribly run. Why wouldn’t they have game 6 of the Stanley cup last night? There was very little for baseball to watch, and more importantly no NBA Finals game to watch. Now tonight they go up against a full MLB schedule and game 3 of the NBA Finals. It makes no sense at all. I’ll be back.

8:21 pm: Burnett has given up five runs through 2 and 2/3rds. Definitely worth all that money you gave him huh Yankees? It’s only a matter of time before his inevitable DL stint that lasts a month longer than it should. Also, when Brett Tomko is a member of your pitching staff and it’s not a double A team something is wrong. There is a reason he’s played for so many teams.

8:33 pm: Beckett has just about every pitch working tonight. It would be interesting to see what has both he and Lester pitching so well after such poor starts to the season.

8:49 pm: Sox game is now at 6-0, which is great because I never know any actual channel numbers, so I just find them in my guide. Now I can switch between the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup simply by hitting last, and then eventually find my way back over to the Sox during halftime of one of the games. I hate switching between more than two channels.

8:58 pm: I am writing this now before I forget; my friends and I take a trip to Fenway once a year to see a different three game series. It’s become an annual event, and this will be the third year we’ve done it. We’ve had plenty of fun, some of which is transcribed on a past blog post. We need a name for this trip though…please e-mail any ideas to actionjacksn04@gmail.com. Thanks.

9:07 pm: Changed the channel just in time to see the Penguins score the first goal of game 6. The question becomes if a goal is scored in a Stanley Cup final but there is no one watching it is it still a goal?

9:17 pm: Rafer Alston has nailed two straight jumpers. Seems like he finally has a little bit of his fragile confidence back. Time to bring in Jameer Nelson Stan Van. Also, no matter what anyone says, the Magic’s chances come down to the play of Alston and Mickael Pietrus. If they play well the Magic win, if they don’t they lose. Dwight Howard is not good enough offensively yet to be a difference maker every night.

9:28 pm: The pace of this game is good so far, but it’s only a matter of time before the refs kill it. It all started to really go down hill after the Melee at the Palace, and has affected every big game since (including handing the championship to the Heat two years ago). It’s like they feel the teams are ticking time bombs and blow the whistle on any near contact. It’s killing the flow of every game, and basketball more than any other sport is a game of flows. You could say the NBA needs Flomax, and judging by the age of most refs it would apply to more than just the gameplay.

9:38 pm: Kobe has 17 through the first and the Lakers are up. Also, most people don’t like them, but I am a big fan of the Kobe/Lebron puppets. The little kid however annoys the hell out of me. I also wonder if they couldn’t have found someone better than Kenan from Kenan and Kel as the voice for Lebron.

10:00 pm: It’s a one point game three quarters of the way through the 2nd, yet I find myself extremely bored. Dwight’s new Vitamin Water commercial is pretty funny, and accurate. He describes his post moves, which is basically a series of different terms for dunks because that is all he can do.

10:13: The Magic are shooting 75 percent from the floor in the first half, but are only leading by four. How is that even possible? They should be up 20 points right now. And there was the first sighting of a Kobe scowl. That is the most ridiculous thing ever. This is yet another reason why Kobe is not one of the greatest ever. Jordan didn't do the tongue thing as a gimmick, it was just something that happened. You can't force these things Kobe.

10:15 pm: I’m going to stop putting the pm there, because it’s pretty useless. Also, it’s halftime so I’m going to take a break. I’ll be back for the second half.

12:10: Alright, so I fell asleep at the half. It happens. Definitely not my jogging diary shining moment. Maybe I'll make it up to you by doing a jogging diary of game 4.

~Aaron Jackson

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