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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Rod Press Conference wrap up

The questions have been pretty good. A-Rod has avoided all of them. To sum this up in a few words, A-Rod is terrible at taking steroids (yet he averaged 51 home runs per year while taking them), he and his cousin, whom shall not be named, were immature, ignorant, stupid, immature and

*********(I'm doing the new pattened Alex Rodriguez non-emotional, non dramatic, take a drink pause)**********************************************************************


Ignorance must be bliss, A-Rod right now has used some semblance of the word 5 times right now. He used the word stupid a lot with Peter Gammons, apparently ignorant is the new stupid.
~ So if you play on A-Rod's team currently he loves you, if you once upon a time played with him, you hate him and he hates you. Good to know, thanks Jamie Moyer.
~ Somebody just asked A-Rod a question in Spanish and A-Rod answered it in Spanish. For his next trick, A-Rod will falsely answer questions while competing in a hot dog eating contest.

The question on my mind right now is, will Selena Roberts ask him a question about why he villanized her in his one on one with Gammons. Come on Selena, don't be ignorant, stupid or immature and now SILLY!

~ A-Rod is injecting himself with steroids once or three times a month for three years and he doesn't really remember how much or know what it did for him. So his cousin and him just decided to start injecting themselves and getting big. I now have a new mission for Selena Roberts, find a family picture (if one exists) of A-Rod's family, find whichever one looks like they can rip a mature tree out of the ground and run down the street with it and we'll know the identity of his cousin, the injector.

~ The Yankees bus must have great shocks on it, because the past couple of season's there have been a lot of family members thrown under it. Debbie Clemens and Andy Petitte make room for your new road kill roommate, A-Rod's Cousin! Good times. I can't wait until next season when Chien Ming Wang fails a test! See you next Spring!

Sterling Pingree

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