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Thursday, September 4, 2008

NFC Previews Continued

So the season is underway as of 7 pm tonight, and I am co-anchoring a local sports show for football season, so I am going to do the NFC South preview fast. I want to get them in before the season, and Sterling has been a slacker, plus if you've been watching ABC you'd know I've been putting in a lot of hours lately. So here we go with some speed previews.

NFC South

1. Carolina Panthers-Projected Record 12-4, first in NFC South.

QB: This teams ranking is based solely on Jake Delhomme. If he is injured again disregard this ranking completely. If Delhomme does well I expect them to be a great team, because they have a good mix of defensive and offensive weapons.

RB: Deangelo Williams is one of my big time sleepers for this years fantasy season, and Jonathan Stewart isn't too shabby either. I can see them putting up the best rushing offense in the league.

WR: Steve Smith is good, but streaky. After that they don't have a whole lot.

TE: Not going to be a big factor.

Offensive Line etc...: The offensive line only needs to be decent with two backs like they have. Their defense goes as Julius Peppers goes. When he is playing to capacity he looks like the best defensive player in the league, when he's not he looks like a defensive version of Ethan Albright.

2. New Orleans Saints-Projected Record 10-6, second in NFC South, Wild Card winner.

QB: We all know Brees will put up numbers and be an elite quarterback.

RB: If Reggie Bush can learn to become a running back and not a kick returner trying to play running back he can be the next Barry Sanders with better receiving ability. If he continues to make too many cuts and always go for the big play then he'll struggle.

WR: Marques Colston is still a very good receiver, and I have Robert Meachem as an impact player this year.

TE: Jeremy Shockey, regardless of what Giants fans tell you, is an elite tight end and will thrive with the Saints.

Offensive Line etc...: Their defense should be much improved with Jonathan Vlima, and their special teams will be intriguing if they use Reggie Bush as a kick returner.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Projected Record 9-7, third in NFC South.

QB: I bet you thought that I would have the Bucs in the playoffs considering they're my favorite team and I said earlier I thought there would be two playoff teams in the South. Unfortunately I don't see it, and the offense is why. Garcia is old and I think last year was it for him, and after that they don't have much. Well, they have plenty of QB's, but none that are good.

RB: Warrick Dunn is washed up, Earnest Graham is average and after that they have nothing. They need Cadillac Williams to come back and perform, but I don't think it will ever happen.

WR: Joey Galloway continues to put up numbers, but after him they've got nothing.

TE: Jerramy Stevens was overrated with the Seahawks, and he still is terrible with the Bucs.

Offensive Line etc: Their offensive line is young and getting better, but it has nothing to protect. Their special teams is mediocre at best, and the defense will be carrying this team yet again.

4. Atlanta Falcons-Projected Record 4-12, last in NFC South.

QB: Matt Ryan is a rookie and he'll have his struggles, but they made the right choice even if it doesn't show this year.

RB: Michael Turner has a lot to prove, and I expect he'll prove it by putting up some good numbers. If Jerious Norwood can finally break through the running game could be good.

WR: Roddy White quietly put together a great season last year with a bad team, lets see if he can duplicate that.

TE: They lost Alge Crumpler, so who cares who they have now.

Offensive Line etc...: Their offensive line is decent, their special teams are pretty bad and their defense will struggle because of the offenses shortcomings.

~Aaron Jackson

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